General Information


Prof. Dr. Alper Baba

Degrees Conferred

MS in International Water Resources

Ph.D. in International Water Resources

Admission Requirements

General admission requirements are stated in the “Regulations Governing Admission and Registration to the Graduate School of the Izmir Institute of Technology.” The department may make modifications or allow exceptions to these requirements.


Degree Requirements

A thesis is required for the MS and Ph.D. degree. Continuous registration is required for all graduate students until the thesis is approved unless special permission from the Graduate School is obtained. The required course load is 21 credits for the MS degree, 21 credits for Ph.D. degree with MS degree, and 42 credits for Ph.D. degree with Bachelor’s degree. The department may require some mandatory courses.

Research Topics

The Department of International Water Resources offers Master of Science and  Ph.D. degree in International Water Resources. The department’s mission is to carry out innovative research, offer globally competitive education, and disseminate scientific knowledge about the field. Main research areas include sustainable development and technologies of international water resources, international water politics, the relation between water resources and ecosystems, water chemistry, hydraulic engineering, hydrogeology, hydrology, water resources management, wastewater management and coastal engineering.