Iztech International Water Resources Conference

Dear IZTECH Members,


As a result of climate change, increasing population, unplanned urbanization, and wrong planning, water resources are in danger in terms of both quality and quantity. Besides, the risk of people’s health is increasing due to water pollution all over the world. More than 2 billion people in the world have problems with water supply. Population growth and climate change exacerbate this problem. As IZTECH International Water Resources Department, we are organizing the second of the series of online seminars on Thursday,  January 14, 2021, accompanied by versatile, well-equipped experts and scientists for solving these problems and for usage, management, and development of surface and groundwater resources required for the ecosystem !!

The purpose of our seminars includes an evaluation of the prominent ones on the axis of sustainability these days when the pandemic agenda points to a brand new future. On the other hand, it provides to understand and convey our responsibilities about sustainable water resources. In this context, our keynote speaker: HRH Prince El Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan, main speaker and moderator respectively: Members of Hydropolitics Academy (HPA); Süha Umar, Former Turkish Ambassador to Jordan (Rtd) and Prof. Kamal Jalouqa, Central Director, Jordan German University

The presentation title is Transboundary Water Resources Management in the Middle East” on the online platform through Microsoft Teams and will answer the questions posed by the participants.

Detailed Program: All times Turkey local time (GMT+03:00).

18.00-18.05: Opening and a short introduction of the event and speakers by the moderator

18.06-18.15: Welcome speech

                        Prof. Dr. Yusuf Baran, Rector, İzmir Institute of Technology

18.15-18.45: Keynote speech: Managing Cross-Boundary Water Resources in a Complex World

                        HRH Prince El Hassan Bin Talal, Jordan

18.45-19:15: Main Speech: Transboundary Water Resources in International Diplomacy

                        Süha Umar, Ambassador (Rtd-Jordan, Serbia)

19:15-19.55: Contributions and questions from the participants, staff of IZTECH, and president HPA,

19.56-20.00: Closing remarks by Prof. Dr. Alper BABA, Director of International Water Resources and the moderator

We are waiting for all those who are interested in our seminar.


Those who want to attend our seminars, which are open to everyone, from outside the institution, can send an e-mail to  iwr@iyte.edu.tr or uluslararasisukaynaklari@gmail.com.

We hope to meet at Microsoft Teams IYTE International Water Resources Channel.

Thank you for your participation and contributions, we wish you good work.

IYTE International Water Resources Coordinators

Date: Thursday, January 14th, 2021

Time: 17.00 – 19.00 Jordan time, 18.00 – 20.00 Turkey local time (GMT+03:00).

Place: Microsoft Teams

Teams name: İYTE Uluslararası Su Kaynakları Konferansları

Teams code: fnp4dyr

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